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Chocolate Week

Event Dates:

This year, Chocolate Week embraces a new concept with the promotion "Café Gourmand," "Tea Gourmand," or "Bubbly Gourmand." Participating restaurants, bakeries, and stores will offer a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of sparkling wine with a chocolate inspired mignardises for the price of $10, or $15 for the sparkling wine offer.

Chocolate Week is organized by MPB Agency LLC in partnership with Cacao Noel. The event celebrates the versatility of chocolate, a week dedicated to the lovers of chocolate to experience its pure flavor, and for chocolatiers and chefs to showcase their chocolate craft in dessert creations. Chocolate Week is about discovering chocolate’s intense rich flavor notes, silky texture, and fluidity.

“This year we want people to have a chocolate treat at the end of their meal, the ideal sweet ending” comments Chocolate Week founder and chocolate lover, Severine Picquet. February is the month of the year to experience the many facets of chocolate, either its dark, milk, or white, filled, dipped, coated or pure.

Participating restaurants include Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar, both Midtown and West Village locations, Opia, Jeanne & Gaston, La Tarte Flambée, Table Verte, La Sirène, Bar Tabac, Le Singe Vert, Cercle Rouge, Café Noir, Jules Bistro, Sofitel Hotel-Gaby Restaurant, Vin et Fleurs, La Bergamote Bistro, Serge Bistro, Serge Brasserie, Intercontinental NY Barclay-Barclay Bar & Grill, Artisanal, A.O.C. Maison Harlem and all New York state Le Pain Quotidien bakeries.