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Whiskey and cigar bar coming to The Ice House complex

Renovations are underway for a new cigar and whiskey bar at the former Merchants Ice and Cold Storage building. Located on Main Street in downtown Louisville, the venue already houses Main Street Café, The Ice House event space and Crushed Ice Events catering company.   

The new bar will feature hundreds of top-shelf and craft liquors including single malt scotch and American artisanal whiskeys. “This is about taking the already familiar bourbon bar to the next level,” explained general manager Len Stevens. “Our hope is to encourage exploration and continue Louisville’s education in fine spirits.”

The space, expected to open this summer, will also feature a humidor with a wide variety of cigars in a fully-ventilated section separate of the bar. Located behind Main Street Café, it will offer seating for up to 100 people and a new outdoor balcony. In addition to the drinks and cigars, Main Street Café executive chef Laurence Agnew and his staff will provide a tasting menu that compliments the flavors of both the whiskey and cigars.