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And the nominees are...


Mariam Shah

"I believe I have something very important to say through my food. I am not just passionate about cooking, I am passionate about my culture, about diversity and about inclusiveness. I am from Pakistan and have been living in & near Bennington, VT for the last 9 years. I cannot express enough how much I enjoy feeding people. I would describe my food as not just a meal; I treat and share it as a conversation, an introduction to an unknown and misunderstood country."

I became a fan of garam garam several years ago where Mariam’s food offerings could be found at our local farmers market: authentic Pakistani and Indian fare with perfect heat and sauces that delight the palette. Fast forward to today, Mariam’s cooking is even more dynamic (and delicious!) than ever. Despite a few notable restaurants, this region is largely a “meat and potatoes” demographic. garam garam has breathed new life into the food scene here and I hope she is here to stay. Mariam Shah cooks from her soul and our community is all the better for it.

Mariam’s pop up dinners are to die for!  Rooted in Pakistan reaction with modern flare. She is also a fabulous hostess and supports local art!  Love her food!!!!!!

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Chef Elle Simone Scott

Chef Elle Simone Scott has been a trailblazer in both culinary, food styling, and culinary media fields. I've known her for several years and was amazed and inspired by her journey both in the kitchen and out. She's a cancer survivor who kept a positive attitude and used her story to motivate others.
She is the first African American woman and chef on America's Test Kitchen.
And she founded, which is a support organization for professionals working in the food and beverage industry. They have a special mission to assist women and women of color wishing to shrink the gender and race gap in the culinary industry.
They host workshops, seminars, and gatherings that are educational, encouraging, and engaging on women's and business issues, as well as offering technical learning experiences and business management skills.
I can personally say how edifying it has been to know her, to be able to call her up or message when something goes awry, or just about life, and she's offered great advice and has been a steady support to so many. She's already been featured in many articles, such as Boston Globe,
She is very deserving of this and more.
Here is her linktree with more updates and current info. (She doesn't know I'm sending any of this.)
I hope she wins!
Photo by Michael Swensen for Boston Globe"


Shachi Mehra

Chef Shachi Mehra completely changed the perception of Indian food in Orange County by introducing a new Indian experience with an authentic Indian restaurant that is a reflection of modern India. The menu revolves around fresh, sustainable ingredients and focuses on contemporary interpretations of Indian street foods, tandoori specialties and rich curries.

Chef Shachi has a passion for creating innovative and thoughtful menus that tastefully balance a variety of flavors and make cuisines appealing to a range of tastes. An ardent supporter of local farmers and sustainable practices, she takes great care in sourcing her ingredients. Born in India, her early family experiences helped to develop and shape her love of food and appreciation for balance, in flavors and in life. Chef Shachi blends Western and Indian cultures to create artful dishes that successfully marry tradition with modernity.

Her professional journey began after meeting Chef Bruce Johnson, hailed by the New York Times as a premier chef. He extended an invitation for her to spend a day prepping in his kitchen at Trap Rock Brewery in New Jersey. It was her first encounter with a professional kitchen and after only a few hours, she knew she had found her life’s passion. She was offered a job on the spot, and she went on to work in pastry and garde manger for the next year. She went on to meet Chef Floyd Cardoz of Manhattan’s legendary Tabla and Bread Bar, where she was given the opportunity at the restaurant’s garde manger station. Ultimately, she was appointed to Head Cook at Bread Bar, which had a popular open kitchen. Being “on stage” for clientele was a fantastic learning experience, as she had to manage the kitchen and supervise the line cooks, while simultaneously interacting with guests

Chef Shachi has become known for bringing a unique global perspective to her work, which can be attributed to eight-month culinary journey through India, Japan and Australia. Upon her return, she went on to sharpen her skills in some of the most demanding kitchens in this country. She served as Sous Chef at the award-winning Bombay Club in Washington, D.C.; opening Sous Chef at Bocanova, a successful Pan American restaurant in Jack London Square in Oakland, CA; and Executive Sous Chef at Junnoon, a modern Indian restaurant in Palo Alto, where Chef Shachi was named one of five 'Rising Stars' by Gentry Magazine. Prior to opening ADYA, Chef Shachi received great press and acclaim as the opening chef at Tamarind of London in Newport Coast.

ADYA is located at the Anaheim Packing House (440 S. Anaheim Blvd #201) and in Irvine’s University Center (4213 Campus Drive). For more information, visit


Ana Ros

Very interesting food what Ana Ros is doing in the Soci River area! She put Slovenije on a gastronomic neka in the world!

See Ana Ros on WikiPedia, at Hiša Franko restaurant in Slovenia. Article.



Sherry Pocknett

Sherry Pocknett is an amazing chef locally famous in the New England area!  What sets her aside from the rest and makes her worthy of this award is her love and passion for cooking indigenous Native American cuisine. She is a master in farm to table seasonal native food. She is currently opening a restaurant in Connecticut while still catering for private and corporate events. Sherry is known for working with a lot of Ivy League colleges as well as the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos. Her amazing cooking and passion for what she does is why I believe she deserves this. See this article.


Mariam Shah
28% (252 votes)
Chef Elle Simone Scott
1% (9 votes)
Shachi Mehra
0% (1 vote)
Ana Ros
0% (0 votes)
Sherry Pocknett
71% (640 votes)
Total votes: 902