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Some passions take hold at an early age. With Christie DuFault, all of these elements came into play while still in high school.
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Champagne GlassThey’re coming up on us – the holidays. Parties and all that glitters. Family and fancy food. And, of course, Champagne. But, with so many varieties of Champagne available at your local store, how do you know which one to choose?

Although trying to break sparkling wine down into its many complexities is like trying to count the number of bubbles in a bottle, here are a few things to consider when buying bubbly for celebrations large and small.

To start, sparkling wine is the more apt term for wine with bubbles. Technically only those sparkling wines made in the Champagne region of France can be labeled "Champagne." But all of the better sparkling wines from around the world are made using the méthode traditionnelle, a style practiced in France that will be marked as such on the label. There are many designations and types of sparkling wines, from extra-dry to quite sweet, from those using chardonnay grapes to those using pinot noir grapes and those that blend several varietals from several years, but here are three general styles, and foods to complement them. Learn more.

Karen MacNeil Dive into Champagne in Depth with Karen MacNeil, while tasting over $1000 worth of great Champagnes side by side. Join us on December 2, 2011.

Wine Student Upcoming Classes

New! Beer: Exploring the History and Flavors of the Brewer’s Craft
(December 8–9, 2011)

Wine and Food Pairing I (November 9–10, 2011)

Wine and Food Pairing II (November 14–16, 2011)

Wine Immersion I (October 3, 2011 or January 9, 2012)

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