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Strongbow Holiday Retail and On-Premise Program Strikes Gold

New York, NY (August 13, 2013) – Strongbow Cider, the #1 global cider brand, has the 2013 holiday season of entertaining and celebration clearly in its sights. This fall, Strongbow is taking the lead as the catalyst for “Golden” holiday experiences by inviting men and women, 21 and older, to choose Strongbow as the brand of choice to elevate their planned or impromptu celebrations.  Retail and on-premise program elements, along with a digital overlay, will foster consumer interest, drive shopper traffic and increase sales rate from September through December.

On-premise, Strongbow Ambassadors will be on hand in select accounts to engage patrons in Strongbow’s “Golden Hour” experiences. POS and merchandising materials will help build interest and encourage consumers to sample (where legal) Strongbow’s signature cocktails including the Cranbow, the Bow & Arch and the Upshot. Participating patrons will be invited to snap and tag photos on Instagram for the chance to win a “Golden Hour” party of their own. A total of 13 parties, valued at $1,000 each, will be awarded during the 13-week program period.

At retail, a cohesive program combining a range of elements will grab shopper’s attention and inspire consideration of Strongbow for their holiday gatherings. Custom designed display and POS materials will decorate retail outlets and invite shoppers to “like” and “share” Strongbow with their friends on Facebook.  Shoppers who participate will receive a high-value mail-in rebate offer ($20) on a purchase of $80 or more of groceries and two, 6-pack bottles or two, 4-pack cans of Strongbow Hard Cider. In addition, channel relevant IRC (instant redeemable coupon) and MIR (mail in rebate) offers (where legal) on the purchase of Strongbow and items that have a high cross-purchase index with Strongbow including Heineken and Heineken Light, wine, spirits and cheese, are available to drive secondary displays and incremental basket rings.

“Thanks to its crisp and refreshing taste, Strongbow Cider is a great alternative offering for the holiday season,” said Charles Van Es, Senior Director of Strongbow for HEINEKEN USA. “Unlike many other beverage selections, Strongbow has strong appeal for both men and women. It brings the flavor of the season to life and adds a higher level of sophistication to any celebration whether gathering with friends at home or heading out on the town for an evening of fun. Backed by a fivefold increase in marketing investment and 125 year history of quality and craftsmanship, Strongbow is taking a lead role in driving category growth in the U.S. and delivering higher profit margins to retailers and on-premise operators this holiday season.”