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Singularity University and Reimagine Food will transform food through technology

Nine months ago Salim Ismail, Co-founder and Executive Director of Singularity University, encouraged a selected group of Spanish businessmen to turn Barcelona into “the Silicon Valley of food”

Nowadays Reimagine Food’s project is already a reality that has materialized Ismail’s idea by putting together 70 of the 100 best startups related to food and technology


Barcelona, 11th June 2014. - Singularity University, the university backed by NASA and Google, is closing an agreement with the Spanish initiative REIMAGINE FOOD to bring disruptive technologic innovations to food enterprises and startups.


REIMAGINE FOOD is the first disruptive centre bringing together innovation, emerging technologies, food startups, food-preneurs, food brands and concepts that will break new ground in coming years. The objective: to lay the foundations for promoting a new Silicon Valley of food and disruptive technology in Barcelona.  The center aspires to act as an umbrella organization for creating and capturing different initiatives that will reinvent the world of food, the agri-food industry, cuisine and how food needs are solved in the 21st century.



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Eva Pedrol

Carmen de la Llave