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Garrison Brothers’ Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey Now Available in New York

New York, New York – Garrison Brothers Distillery™, Texas’ first legal whiskey distillery, is thrilled to announce that New York will be the third state beyond Texas and Arizona, for distribution of its highly acclaimed straight bourbon whiskey. The distillery has released 3,000 bottles of its award-winning straight bourbon whiskey to bars and liquor stores throughout New York, as part of its partnership with Blueprint Brands.

The first straight bourbon whiskey ever legally made – from corn to cork – outside Kentucky or Tennessee, Garrison Brothers’ Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey™ has long been a labor of love for proprietor and distiller Dan Garrison, who, with the assistance of a “small staff of rednecks,” releases a unique vintage of its straight bourbon whiskey each fall and spring. While all previous vintage releases have sold out in Texas and Arizona, and demand across the nation and globe far exceeds what the small distillery can produce, New Yorkers can now be treated to a taste of the Spring 2014 vintage, and coming soon, the Fall 2014 vintage when it hits shelves later this year.

“We are extremely proud of this bourbon whiskey,” says proprietor and distiller Dan Garrison. “We’re so confident of its quality, taste and character that we’ll put it up against any Kentucky or Tennessee bourbon in blind taste tests. Yes, even Pappy.”

The experts apparently agree. In his 2014 Whisky Bible, respected taster and writer Jim Murray gave Cowboy Bourbon from Garrison Brothers a rating of 96 and named it the American Micro Whisky of the Year.

And now the brand is ready for New York. Tapped as the third state in its expansion plan, Garrison Brothers is confident that its highly acclaimed Texas straight bourbon whiskey will ‘wow’ even the finest of palates among New York’s bourbon aficionados.

“New Yorkers not only love to drink but they also care about what they put into their bodies and can recognize a pure high-quality product when they taste one,” Dan Garrison says of New York’s vibrant cocktail community.  “Our careful attention to an organic, made-by-hand distilling process, coupled with New York’s strong farm-to-market presence, makes us a perfect match.”

Garrison Brothers observes sustainable business practices throughout the distilling process, like using ultra-pure rainwater and maturing the whiskey in custom-built, new White American Oak barrels harvested from sustainable forests.

“We continue to make and barrel every batch by hand, the old-fashioned way,” says Garrison, who prides himself on the attention he devotes to the distilling process, and personal touches like hand-numbering and signing each and every custom bottle the distillery distributes. Unlike Kentucky and Tennessee bourbon distilleries, which make bourbon from “sour mash,” Garrison makes a “sweet mash” utilizing locally grown grain that is ground fresh daily and never reused. The organic white corn is harvested from farms in the Texas Panhandle, and Garrison grows his own organic soft red winter wheat on his ranch in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

Garrison Brothers Distillery is Texas’ first and oldest legal whiskey distillery, having secured federal and state operating permits in 2007. Since then, Garrison and his dedicated crew have been painstakingly cooking and fermenting a sweet mash of organic Texas corn, wheat and barley, which they distill from a small antique copper pot still nicknamed The Copper Cowgirl. In 2011, the distillery installed two additional 500 gallon pot stills, and today, more than 6,000 barrels of bourbon are aging in custom-built barns on Garrison’s ranch in Hye, Texas.

“Making straight bourbon whiskey requires a commitment of time, money and patience that most craft distillers are unwilling to make,” Garrison said. “Dozens of high-priced consultants and professional investor-types told us this could never be done. It’s been done now.”

Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now available across New York State.

About Garrison Brothers Distillery

Founded in 2006, Garrison Brothers Distillery™ is a small-distilled spirits plant located in the heart of Texas Hill Country. The first legal whiskey distillery in Texas and the only one outside Kentucky and Tennessee to produce authentic bourbon, the small, family-owned business manufactures its spirits straight from the kitchen, still-house and barrel barns on their ranch in Hye, Texas. Garrison Brothers began offering tours and tastings in 2008, and now hosts more than 25,000 guests every year.  Anyone interested in learning more about Garrison Brothers bourbon or taking a tour of the distillery, should visit