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Fuentes del Silencio Joins Prestigious Non-Profit Association, Grandes Pagos de España.

Herreros del Jamuz, July 2019 - Fuentes del Silencio now is part of Grandes Pagos de España, the well-known non-profit association that brings together 29 prestigious wineries throughout the country to defend the singularity of the territory, as well as the expression of the particular style of each wine.

Among other requirements, Grandes Pagos de España requires each of its wines to proceed from an exceptional territory, with a unique personality: “Herreros de Jamuz is the first winery in the Province of León to belong to this distinguished group. We are delighted to be part of Grandes Pagos de España, since it offers us the opportunity to work and improves, thanks to a group of persons who represent the elite of Spanish wineries. This opportunity will help us to feature and make better known the magnificent and centuries old vineyards of the Jamuz Valley”, said the winery’s founder Miguel Angel Alonso.

An exceptional terroir
Fuentes del Silencio is a vineyard in the Jamuz Valley, where wine-growing activity had disappeared and where the winery is working to recover the traditional varietals of the area, as well as to revive its rural and agricultural life. A total of 30 hectares, separated into more than 100 micro-lots, reflect a remarkable wine-growing heritage, that is worked in an ecological way.

A recent study by Biome Makers has demonstrated that the Fuentes del Silencio vineyard sits on auriferous sediments, formed by sandy-clay conglomerates that create a unique and very positive microbiome to generate the raw material for expressive wine that is full of personality. The soil of these vineyard lots was mined in for gold in Roman times, a fact that has produced a genuine territory named “Auro-Terroir” because of its composition, rich in aurous sediments that favour the existence of different types of autochthonous bacteria and yeasts that intervene and favour fermentation processes that create unique shades of earth.

Fuentes del Silencio, new member of Grandes Pagos de España, identifies completely with the mission of the Association and its work to promote the singularity of wines grown and developed in territories with particular characteristics, worked in a sustainable manner and defending the traditional varietals of each region.

Fuentes del Silencio
Fuentes del Silencio is located in the municipality of Herreros de Jamuz, unique in terms of geology and climate, with large reserves of water that gave the locality its name in the past: “the town of the fountains.” This popular legacy inspired the name of the winery. Its installations are in the antique centre of the town, in buildings that have been rehabilitated with respect for the original adobe and stone. Adaptation to their new wine-making function has developed according to the same philosophy used to make the wines: artisanal and daring, with minimal intervention. In addition to this facility, Fuentes del Silencio also has a traditional León winery, sculpted out of rock and in the middle of its vineyards: a space recovered and available for wine-tastings and meetings.