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El Nivel Tequila - The Legend - 2019

It all started with the Barajas family and their home in Jalisco, Mexico, in the state that is the birthplace of tequila. While growing up, a childhood amigo whose family owned a ranch next door. Alejandro Barajas and his brother would play with friends amongst the agave grown organically on the land.

Several years ago, Alejandro’s parents passed away leaving a small inheritance. The family gathered and wondered what to do with the funds. All agreed it was time to look within and determined to take advantage of their heritage. With Alejandro’s background in flavor technology and his friend having agave plants organically growing next door, the family decided to develop a tequila of their own. 

Some of these agave fields are growing on what is considered historic archaeological areas near ruins where the agave have been growing for hundreds of years – just  outside of Union de Tula, Jalisco.

Alejandro, and his son Andres, who recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Agricultural Industries and Marketing (and has tended bar for several years while studying Mezcal and Tequila in Mexico), worked side by side to develop just the right profile for the family’s tequila.

With a blend in hand, Alejandro found a local distillery in El Arenal which was excited to work with the Barajas family to bring this new, flavorful tequila to market. This award-winning distillery works with small artisanal master distillers to create their products.

Blanco and Reposado types were first developed and bottled in handblown glass bottles with unique stoppers. The Anejo and new Extra Anejo was introduced in early 2019. Two new exciting types – Cucumber and Ghost Pepper tequilas under the El Nivel label will be ready at the end of 2019. The Blanco and Reposado 100% blue agave organically grown types were first introduced in Minnesota – a hot and growing tequila market. This market was chosen due to the excitement of tequila in the market and because it is the American home of the Barajas family. This allowed the family to monitor and work the brand in the marketplace.