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What's NUE?

As a vodka lover, it’s always fun for me to scope out lesser-known vodkas on the market. I've stumbled across some amazing vodkas that tend to be dismissed by buyers who reach for the popular and well-known brands. So, once again, I was delighted to find yet another vodka that I had never heard of, reasonably priced and worthy of a review.

I’ve written about many vodkas ranging from super expensive to under $10. Needless to say, my freezer has been taken over by a variety of vodkas from France, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, Idaho, New York and Texas. And, NUE Vodka is my newest addition to the freezer!

Southwest Spirits is a full-service distillery located in Dallas, Texas and it is also the third-largest distillery in Texas. They have an impressive portfolio of over 25 brands that they produce, including their best selling brand and award-winning NUE Vodka.

All spirit production is done on-site in their over 103,000 square foot facility fully equipped with pot stills and a 14’ column still for producing premium spirits. The distillery also has grain milling capabilities, tank farms and four high-speed bottling lines with multiple filling capabilities.

Photo credit:  Southwest Spirits

NUE Vodka is crafted in small batches to control and ensure the highest quality that ultimately provides clean, smooth vodka. Ingredients are locally sourced high-quality corn and water that has gone through a process of Reverse Osmosis, which extracts mineral content and any impurities in the water. The vodka is 6x distilled through an advanced column process that also removes natural impurities.

Photo credit: Penny Weiss

NUE Vodka has a clean, floral and slightly flinty bouquet. It is silky smooth on the palate with subtle hints of sweet cream, vanilla and a touch of heat on the finish. Drink well chilled and neat or add to your favorite cocktail recipe.

Alcohol: 40%, 80 proof
SRP: $10.99
NUE Vodka is also available in all-natural grapefruit and peach flavors. All three vodkas are presently distributed in 35 states.

This is definitely a vodka that can stand up to the higher-priced vodkas on the market and at this price, I’m impressed!
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