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Sushi Shop - NYC Box by Lenny Kravitz

If traditional sushi is beginning to look a little too familiar to you, then you may want to visit the fusion Sushi Shop in Manhattan, one of 92 shops in the world but the first in the U.S. You will recognize the decor as clean zen-like (think Apple stores).

You are invited to watch the chefs create their miniature sculptures or simply order out and watch for an eco-friendly biker delivering your meal. Sushi Shop is dedicated to sustainability and assiduously serves only items that are safe to fish in-season.

Just now being introduced, the Lenny Kravitz box  - logo design by Grammy Award winning Lenny Kravitz who also just appeared in the movie, Hunger Games. The box consists of 32 artistic expressions of sushi for $59. While recognizable as sushi, they will jar the traditionalist and delight the adventurer. You will find flavors, such as cream cheese and lox, that you probably expect on a bagel, not rolled in rice, but they will nevertheless impress you.

If you buy the box, place the sushi on a plate if you want to conserve the box. It does not stand well under washing. 

Each piece is to be attended to. Look at them closely. The chefs put time and effort to design miniature lime wedges and other subtle decor. Before you gulp, you will want to carefully observe. Each piece is ripe for conversation. 

I did not enjoy every piece. Fusion is experimental, and sometimes the experiment goes awry. Nevertheless, you can take this journey with the chefs. Tell them what you like (I think that Sushi Shop should have a formal survey of their inventions). Nevertheless, the chefs will listen. You can add your comments on their Web site.

Sushi Shop is located at 536 Madison Avenue between 54th and 55th streets. Their phone number is: 212-840-5555 or go to their Web site

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