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The (Ice) Bucket List

We love making lists.  Especially if we can compare our list to someone else’s list, particularly those compiled by the experts.

If we’ve already been there and done that, then we like to argue over whether our list of best movies, restaurants, NFL quarterbacks ever, cities to visit or whatever makes more sense than the ones offered up by experts.

If we haven’t been there and done that, then we like to use the experts’ lists to help us compose our bucket lists of things we want to do or try before we venture beyond “the pail.” 

DK Eyewitness Travel has just launched its new Top 10 guides of several major cities, telling us the 10 best museums, places to take children, festivals and events, art galleries, historic sites and music venues in each city. The destinations in this series are New York, Washington, San Francisco, Barcelona, London, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Iceland (OK, not a city) and – just in time for the Olympics – Rio de Janeiro. Many readers may be as interested in checking out the Top 10 restaurants in each city they have frequented, as was I.

But as I spend more time in New York than the other city, I first took a peek at what the editors thought were the 10 best restaurants in town.  WARNING: If you’re a foodie with Manhattan experience or work in fine dining circles, then you may want to take time out to assemble your own list before dropping your eyes down to the next paragraph.

Ready? Here’s DK’s list of Top 10 New York restaurants in order from 1 to 10:  Le Bernardin, Nobu, Eleven Madison Park, Gotham Bar and Grill, Jean-Georges, Daniel, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Per Se (sorry, Pete Wells), Four Seasons and Gramercy Tavern.

OK, which ones did you mentally circle that you’ve been to?  Which of those circles did you make a cross through, meaning you wouldn’t consider that eatery as among the best that NYNY has to offer?  And, finally, which ones did you underline, those places you haven’t yet been but dearly want to try out – your ice bucket list, as it were.

Finally, here are the editors’ top choices in the other nine destinations: Washington (Central Michel Richard), San Francisco (Quince), Barcelona (La Taverna del Clinic), London (Anchor & Hope), Rome (La Pergola), Paris (L’Astrance), Berlin (Reinstoff), Iceland (Grillồ) and Rio (Zuka).  Anything there that either makes your mouth water – or make you want to spit?

The guides are line priced at $14, are easily portable and come with a city map.  For more information, go to




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