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Charbay Vodkas, in a class of their own

Generally, I'm not too fond of flavored vodkas. The main reason is that they often taste artificial. I prefer to muddle fresh fruit to create a vodka cocktail. Why bother with infusing vodka with fruits or other foods? If done correctly, they will offer flavors that you could not easily get locally. Charbay delivers!

Every company has its marketing hype, so I take much of that with a grain of salt. But when Charbay says that you can taste fresh lemon, they are true to their word.

The Charbay flavor-infused vodkas surprised and delighted me! These vodkas are in a class of their own. Not only did Charbay infuse some beautiful foods such as Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, and Green Tea, but their choices are unique. Following is a review of their current line-up.

Blood Orange. Like orange cognac but vodka, which means sniff, sip, appreciate.

Clear Vodka. Pure, smooth, silky bright with a slight hint of flavor from northern California water and midwestern grain.

Meyer Lemon. Tart. Nice mouthfeel. No hint of alcohol as the lemon aroma fills your glass. You can almost see the lemons!

Ruby Red Grapefruit. The ruby red grapefruit does genuinely feel as if you are biting into the fruit. The flavors are very distinctive.

Green Tea. The aroma of fresh tea leaves emanates strongly from this green tea-infused vodka.

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