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Distillery Set to Release Latest Batch of Award-Winning, Craft Sipping Rum.

Eight of the country's most innovative chefs and foodservice professionals will be honored as part of the United Fresh Produce Excellence in Foodservice Award Program at the United Fresh 2019 Convention & Expo this June.

A main course of big Tuscan and California reds followed by American whiskies for dessert.

Self-pour technology from PourMyBeer provides guests with the unique dining experience they crave.





Rhône Valley Vineyards launches RVV Wine Bar, a month-long June 2019 campaign to showcase the wines, history and passionate producers of the Rhone region in four dynamic restaurants across New York City.

The Press Democrat has announced the lineup for the 2019 North Coast Wine & Food Festival, featuring gold-medal wines from the North Coast Wine Challenge competition.

A Mediterranean Inspired Restaurant from the Award-winning Juliet and Bread + Salt Hospitality Team Set to be a Favorite for Travelers and Bostonians

Annual Conference Celebrates Diversity by Featuring an Unprecedented List of
Prominent Volcanic Wine Regions and Producers from Around the World

SinkTech™ was recently chosen by the National Restaurant Association Show® as a recipient of the 2019 Kitchen Innovations Award.

And lots of other interesting wines, mainly from the new world.

Alicante Bouschet is a rising star in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

Regatta Makes Derby Gatherings More Interesting with a cocktail Alternative to the Mint Julep

Some inexspensive wines and some that are pricey but worth it.

Santé is proud to be a media sponsor for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Agency Fundraiser.

American craft whiskey made in the heart of Virginia.

Just how different is kosher wine from the non-kosher stuff?

Floral aromas do not overpower the slight spiciness. The subtle oak imparts a smokiness that is balanced well with toasted vanilla and coffee. This is a smooth, flavorful whiskey that can be enjoyed neat without any afterburn or unpleasantness.  

Baltimore Spirits provide an intriguing array of American amaros.

Vol. 1 has a light orange color. This amaro is beautifully balanced and not uncomfortably bitter.  Slight aromas of anise rise from the glass while the palate experiences tinges of mint. Its intensity lingers. Enjoy as a digestif neat or on the rocks.

Baltimore Spirits provide an intriguing array of American amaros.

Aromas of peppercorns are strikingly seductive, followed by a velvety texture on the tongue and vanilla on the palate. The dominant style is light bitter making it an ideal aperitif, neat or on the rocks.

Aromas of orange are followed by mocha on the palate. There is a bitter-sweet transition from cloves to hints of coffee and spices on the back of the tongue. Very smooth and drinkable neat or in mixed drinks.

Fresh citrus on the nose - like putting your nose in a grapefruit! Smooth on the palate. A delectable wine with complex, refined, layers of citrus and tropical fruit.

Fresh aromas of orchard followed by rose petals. Sweet berries and slightly tart strawberries on the palate. Low acidity provides a fresh and smooth dry sipping wine.

Opaque and inky. Blackberries on the nose with some spice. Light tannins and notes of vanilla delivers a smooth palate. The rich look and feel is uniquely expressed with a nice balance of oak, fruit and tannins.

Get to know some of the women making wine in Washington State.