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Few restaurants train beyond vague pairing platitudes such as “white with seafood, red with meat” and generally provide pairings to memorize. Teaching how wine and food 

Glassware has an enormous impact on the success of every beverage program, regardless of the operation’s demographics or degree of sophistication among clientele. Nothing accentuates the appearance of a cocktail or so profoundly influence

For decades, Seco Herrerano has been the national drink of Panama.  Now, this sugar-cane spirit is being launched in the United States - and it may be the mixologist's newest best friend.

Offal has been eaten on the white porcelain of haute cuisine and the blue enamel of thrifty farmers for generations. Though its name comes from the Old English word for organs that fell from animal carcasses during slaughter, offa

While restaurant owners are intimately familiar with their restaurant’s ambience, they seldom ask, “What is my business worth?” Many seek an answer only when required by their attorney or accountant in connection with a divorc

Most popular organ meats

Washington State’s star is rising. Awards flood in from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, the Wine Spectator and many other publications. But what’s distinctive about the region’s wine? Is there a style or flavor profile th

Not long ago, an article by Tyler Cowen in the New York Timesdiscussed how the Michelin star ratings of Parisian restaurants appeared to be dir

Talula's Garden, the new Aimee Olexy-Stephen Starr restaurant opening next week in Philly, will feature an environmentally correct wine list.

What an opportunity to try some wines I’ve never experienced!  Blandy’s Madeira celebrates its 200th Anniversary this year, and is hosting a series of tasting events to share their history and wine, including some older vintage

Considering the potential for good profits from your bar program, it is increasingly important to assemble a bar team that work well together, back each other up, and share responsibilities.

For a restaurant the ideal relationship with a winery is as a “partner” rather than just a supplier—someone who provides the goods and services with an understanding of our needs, our concept, and our ambitions. Here is some a

Gin is a clear, mostly unaged spirit that derives its flavor from a variety of fruit peels and botanicals, most notably juniper, which by law must be the prominent flavor ingredient. 

Now that kosher wines are receiving good reviews and are being produced around the world, shouldn't they become a year-around part of restaurant wine lists and wine-by-the-glass programs?

"Is this your typical French restaurant, she asked?" The answer would delight us.

Desserts are always appreciated. Sweet wines? Not so much. Food and wine pairings at the end of the meal too often get neglected. This is unfortunate, because the right pairing can intensify the flavors of the dessert and the wine, thus creatin

Contribute here as restaurateurs to the effort to save lives and rebuild what has been lost. 

Ah, success! After all the work, you’ve finally made it. You're off to New York for a few days to cook at the Beard House, then back home to orchestrate a charity dinner for 300, then on to an event in L

Putting together a wine dinner on a shoestring is not too hard, if you choose well.  There are plenty of solid, food friendly wines available at fair prices. Match that with a local resaurant with no "celebrity" chef, and you hav

Kevin Zraly hosted a very well attended seminar at the Hilton New York, on February 8, as part of the 2011 Italian Wine Masters. The annual event brings many great Tuscan producers, along with DOCG Prosecco to New York. This year Zraly was on h

For those of us in the wine and hospitality trade, attending one of the international wine fairs in France, Italy or England is a required life experience.  Get ready to book your flights - the first one opens next month.

Bars are often nickled and dimed into ruin, or considering today’s high prices, they’re quartered to death. And it happens with almost every flick of the wrist. The culprit is lax or nonexistent portion controls. A drink’s sal

In a rapidly evolving and expanding wine world, even a certified wine wonk should be excused for being oblivious to a heretofore humble wine region or even to new wines emerging from classic European vineyards. Take, for example, Douro table wi