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Over the past few decades, Chilean winemakers have been paying increased attention to the terroir of each valley in Chile.

Today’s emerging wine consumers do not follow yesterday’s guidelines or taste preferences.

New research may eliminate one of the most common types of foodborne illness.

A tasting of 10 wines with perfect ratings at this weekend's MidAtlantic Food + Wine Feast in Wilmington, DE, shows that not only the Oscars deserve a red-carpet walk.

Many Bordeaux wine families have branched out in recent years with estates in Chile and Argentina.  For Jean-Jacques Bonnie, winegrowing is universal in philosophy, if different in practice.

What part does the winemaker play in the total terroir of a wine? Journey to the southern France's Chateau Beaucastel, I find some answers.

Servers are people too, and sometimes all they need, or want, is a good incentive for success. 

Vendors are the best source of information about area restaurants. It’s much better for you to be gossiped to than about.

Follow these tips to make your health inspection go smooth as possible.

As a vertical tasting of Chateau d'Issan's first 10 vintages of the 21st Century shows, Bordeaux wines are flying high at a level of consistent quality not previously experienced.

And maximize your training investment by encouraging them to pursue professional advancement through continuing education.

A small Pennsylvania winery is making a reputation as a low-volume, high-quality producer of northern Italian blends.  If you want to taste them, you'll have to show up at their Avondale winery and tasting room.

The story of Chilean wine begins over 450 years ago when Spanish settlers first arrived in Santiago.

Useful information about the wines of Chile.

I go to a lot of tastings, but don't write about all of them, and I asked myself, "Why?" After some introspection, I've got an answer.

The ultimate winter drink!

What do you do if an employee is cut on the job?

“I don’t talk about pairing wine and food. . . . I speak about balancing instead.”-Chef Sarah Scott

Where we drink doesn't change the taste of a wine - but it does change our enjoyment of it.

If we want bartending to stand alongside the other culinary arts, we need to start approaching the job as a true culinary profession. 

Unpredictable. Alive. Magical. This is how Joshua Needleman describes the temperament of fine chocolate.

Dark gloom beckons for a cozy room and a lovely cocktail to match.

A small group of Beaujolais and Macon winegrowers discover that working together on quality and marketing is a pathway to success.

The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to create value, profitability, and build a loyal customer base.