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“We will never reach our goal, because we’re always trying to improve. We’re always asking ourselves, how are we going to make today better than yesterday?” – Marco Valverde

An empty restaurant table where Mike Wallace, William Styron and Art Buchwald once dined.

The area of San Antonio was once primarily a shipping port known for its seafood, not produce, but in recent years, the valley has made itself known as one of Chile’s most expressive cool climate wine regions.

“I’m the opposite of most chefs in my approach. The taste of wine is fixed more or less when you open it, while the food is adjustable.  I can add fat or acid or garlic puree, any number of things to match the wine.”

Tasting wines with three producers provides a contrast in styles and in the philosophies of winemaking.

Implement these simple steps to keep employees on their feet.

If you want a nice range of excellent wines, drop everything and call J Vineyards.

Nestled in the center of the Central Valley are two valleys Colchagua and Cachapoal, that, together, make up the Rapel Valley. 

Almaviva winery began in 1997 when the Baroness Philippine de Rothschild recognized the potential of Chilean terroir and entered into an agreement with Don Eduardo Guilisasti Tagle, Chairman of Concha y Toro, a premier Chilean producer.

"...keep costs in line, and still have elegant designs that compliment the décor.”

I would like to re-experience Dans le Noir? not as a first-timer, which is a little like going to Paris for the first time, but like someone returning to take in the depth of the experience.


With lamb, fish, and lighter fare supplanting hearty deep-winter food, Pinot Noir becomes the obvious choice for pairing with almost any dish.

As was the case with the 2008 vintage, the jumbled weather in 2011 had all the right elements – sunshine, rain, heat, cold – in all the wrong places, thus gathering early predictions of gloom.

According to Native American legend, the lakes in upper New York State were created when the Great Spirit placed a hand down on earth in a blessing that left an imprint of the sacred fingers on the land. 

To new owner Bettina Sichel, all her Laurel Glen wines need are better marketing exposure.

If traditional sushi is beginning to look a little too familiar to you, then you may want to visit the fusion Sushi Shop in Manhattan, one of 92 shops in the world but the first in the U.S.

True luxe and flagellation at the 2012 World of Pinot Noir:  American Pinot Noir has definitely grown up, but have Pinot Noir lovers matured?

No doubt, stress is not going to go away in this business. Instead, find means to reduce it without losing sight of your work ethic and drive to succeed.

OSHA has implemented a new hazard communication standard that is expected to impact the majority of U.S. employers.

Why this whole "balance" issue is a crock:  At first, when word started getting around about a year or two ago, it was easy to dismiss:  the notion that wines over 14% alcohol, or else picked “overripe,” are somehow inferior...

Casablanca Valley, Chile’s premier cool-climate coastal region, offers wine lovers an elegant style of wine that’s uniquely indicative of the area.

In Chef Tony Maws’ kitchen, spring arrives each year with pungency, borne on the ripe scent of wild ramps.

 Never has the world produced so many quality wines in so many different countries. Consequently, a beverage director/sommelier has more options to choose from than ever before.