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Articles in "Food"

Kick-Ass Queso by Executive Sous Chef Krista Stone from Revolve Kitchen + Bar at Hotel Derek, A Destination Hotel (Houston, TX)

Winter means a return to hardy leafy greens that can stand up to frost in the garden as well as bold culinary treatment in the kitchen.

Syringes? Pliers? See what a food stylist brings to the shoot and learn how to spot a pro.

Proud Cypriots claim that their culture is the oldest in the world, boasting archeological evidence of human existence as early as 12,000 years ago. For them the practice of sourcing products locally is not a trend but a long-standing culinary tradition.

Pairing local wines with local foods is a long-revered European tradition. In New Mexico, winemakers give that tradition a chile reception.

Situated in the vineyards outside of St. Helena, the Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer is an ideal place to experience the Napa wine harvest.

When one of the chefs opened the oven door, I got hit with a blast of heat. The flames inside looked like a vision of hell though the pizza from it tasted like something from heaven.

Executive chef Brian Whitmer of Marriot Napa Valley Hotel’s VINeleven whips up deliciously creative concoctions.

The Herbfarm located in Woodinville, Washington is world-renowned for its fresh organic produce and pungent herbs, but carnivores take notice:  it serves up some of the tastiest, most imaginatively prepared beef around.

It is hot, black, bitter and smooth. A light caramel-colored foam rims the tiny white cup. A packet of sugar, a small biscuit and a little silver spoon sit alongside. My first café crème.

When dining out at home, I chose a menu that included Pho noodle soup rather than lemon condiment courgette. I wondered how I was going to learn the lingo to write about this food. I could at least draw on my skills as a landscape designer and garden writer to appreciate what lay on my plate from a visual perspective.

On the fourth day, we worked on rough drafts of our stories. Jean-Loup Verdier, the co-owner of Hotel Evêché, invited me to sit at a table on the patio to write where the Provençal light provided illumination.

I woke up on that Tuesday morning in Vaison la Romaine keenly aware that today was going to be hair cut day.  My hair had exploded overnight. I went to bed looking like myself and woke up looking like Marge Simpson.

What if they sell out of those Carpentras strawberries before I get there? Will I have enough time to explore the stalls of seasonal produce? Seek out the local delicacy of Nyon olives?

Searching for the soul of Vincent Van Gogh in St. Remy de Provence.

Chef Richard Erickson of Blue Mountain Bistro Catering rediscovers the magic of Provence during a week-long travel, food and wine writing class in Vaison la Romaine, France

The annual Puerto Rican food fest is a great place for eating as well as noodling over the nature of cooking.

Why argue over local versus international food sourcing when we can enjoy the best of both?

Bo Peep loses them in a nursery rhyme, insomniacs count them, and renegade family members are labeled as black ones. Sheep have been a cultural icon for millennia and their lamb a mainstay of menus around the globe for even longer. Grilled loin chops and roasted racks, crusted with herbs and garlic, can be found everywhere that Mary went, but some of the less frequently used cuts are the ones that are now creating the real buzz and bleats in professional kitchens.

While Chef Bahr is known for his winning appearance on the Food Network’s Chopped! as well as his command over ingredients such as oysters and duck, there is something else on the table at Restaurant Cotton and it’s no novelty.

DK's Top 10 city guides challenge you to compare your lists to their lists.

A wander along the aisles of the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show revealed select specialty food and beverage items that can brighten the menu and make lives easier for chefs and bartenders.


Why don't more restaurants give cooking classes to lure customers?

Some thoughts on giving your fork and knife a rest.