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Signature Drink: The Bullseye

Fleet Street Kitchen's Naderia Wynn hits the mark with her seasonally spiced, pumpkin infused “Bullseye.”

Naderia Wynn is the new creative power behind the bar at Baltimore’s Fleet Street Kitchen. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Wynn joined the Bagby Restaurant Group in 2011, where she has been working under the direction of Beverage Director Tim Riley.


For the last year, she has been perfecting the art of cocktail making, focusing on the importance of structure and balance. Wynn’s passion for mixology has led her to her own experimental ventures. Her drink, The Bullseye, embodies the technique that she has honed at Fleet Street, as well as her own, burgeoning style.


The Bullseye was inspired by a pumpkin cocktail created by Riley and a previous colleague, along with some of Wynn’s past experiments with fall infusions and bitters. Wynn’s own pumpkin infused moonshine gives the drink a refined sweetness, which is further complemented by bourbon. Her housemade pumpkin spice bitters adds depth of flavor, along with a touch of apple bitters and salt.


The Bullseye


1.5oz house infused pumpkin moonshine

.5 oz bourbon

1 dash apple bitters

4 dashes house pumpkin spice bitters

Bar spoon rich Demerara syrup

Salted ice cube



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