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The Korbel Winter Cocktail

Brandied Bread Pudding
Gabe Palmer
Gabe Palmer


















As snow falls outside and winter temperatures drop into the single digits, bar patrons turn to rich, comforting libations to warm the body and set the convivial spirit aglow. Santé asked master mixologist Michael Waterhouse to create a cocktail featuring Korbel Brandy. His Brandied Bread Pudding, based on the ‘cake-tails’ and ‘pie-tinis’ concept he developed at Tribeca’s Dylan Prime restaurant, is sure to put a smile on any guest’s face.

Brandied  Bread Pudding

Step 1
1 ½ oz Korbel Brandy
1 oz Licor 43 (or vanilla syrup)
½ oz real maple syrup

Place ingredients into a shaker without ice; add ice and shake quickly for no more than five seconds. Strain into martini glass
Step 2
¼  oz Goldschlager (or cinnamon syrup)
1 oz part chilled heavy cream

Place ingredients into a tumbler and shake to blend. Strain on top of brandy mixture by holding a spoon upside down against the rim of the glass and slowly pouring the cream mixture over the back of spoon. It should float on top of the brandy mixture but not mix with it. The cream layer should be about 1/8 inch thick, with a little room between it and the rim of the glass. Garnish with a light dusting of cinnamon.

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