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“Even . . . sommeliers need to taste and study these wines, to know the producers, who is traditional and who is not.”

Composing a 1st rate press release is easier than you think!

Does simply changing the menu labels from generic, straightforward names to descriptive names impact sales or make a customer actually believe the food tastes better?

Remember, no matter how good the food, it must reach the table expeditiously and as it was conceived.

Punching up Performance

“Anytime we can work out a better way of doing something, it translates to the guest. This is our motivation…to be people pleasers. That’s the whole essence of what we do.”

"A woman is like an artichoke, you must work hard to get to her heart." - Inspector Jacques Clouseau in The Pink Panther

Visiting a wine store is an incredibly economical use of your time to gain information that gives you a competitive advantage.

Sex in a pebbly green skin

For a woman or a man, leading a staff is a balancing act of respect, knowledge, compassion, and directness. Women leaders, once scarce and often dissed, are now common and accepted. We’ve come a long way, “lady.”

Success created on a shoestring budget and the dubious dream of serving French Provençal-influenced southern food in a Dixie steel town.

The region’s wines are the antithesis of what most people believe Aussie wine to be.

Give beer the respect it deserves---don’t hide it on the back page of your bar menu!

 A high-end kitchen demands concentration, and we strive for perfection in every detail.

Looking good and feeling comfortable has never been so easy.

Stay abreast of trends, capitalize on fads, and even pull a stunt of your own once in a while.

The fact that we do our own cold smoking gives [our food] an artisanal quality. And the advantage of doing all my own smoking is that I have total control over flavor, save money, and can offer a product unique to my restaurant.”

Bars typically operate on the principle that the customer already knows what drink he or she will have.

At once beguilingly sweet and juicy, with a kiss of tartness, cherries are seduction on a stem. 

Here’s a plan that will help lessen the unpleasantness of the termination process.

Lip-smacking flavors of ripe blackberries and boysenberries give it enough sex appeal to seduce even the snobbiest of wine snobs.

It’s no wonder the French named this fruit pomme d’amour—the “love apple.”

Good wine service techniques are universal, whether the restaurant’s style is formal white table cloth or casual bistro.