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Too many wine buyers approach the buying process without a concrete plan in place. Buying decisions are often made on a whim, driven by supplier, score, or perhaps sommelier ego. To make the buying process more objective, I created a concept that I call “list mapping.”

The 2014 harvest had its difficulties, but it is still too early to make final judgments.

When I grow up, I want to be a brand ambassador. Getting paid to attend launches, promotions, and dinners while doing what you love. Here are some pros working in diverse motifs, albeit a1930s rum bar in Havana, titans and Cognac in the gym or Malaysian food in the kitchen.

Despite an interest of specialty cocktails in restaurants, there are probably a few lonely bottles of timeless aperitifs on your backbar that haven’t been touched in months. That’s a shame, because Lillet, Pernod, Punt e Mes, Cynar, and fino Sherry are perfect before-dinner drinks, filled with classic flavors that inspire the taste buds for the meal ahead.

For a long time, no one took wines from the island kingdom seriously.  Now everyone does.

On telling a sommelier not to pour the wine.

Choosing which rums to stock is similar to selecting candidates to fill a particular category on a wine list (e.g., Zinfandel). Like wine, rum is made in many different styles, with each well-made product possessing singular qualities and characteristics. A worthy goal is to develop a selection that will intrigue your clientele and adequately cover the spectrum of possibilities.

What Is an Añejo Rum?
Fermentation, alembic-still distillation, and barrel aging all contribute to making aged rums exceptional spirits—aromatic, full bodied, and full flavored, with long-lasting finishes.

Into the woods in search of chanterelles - and breakfast - with Chef Alex Haun.

            One of the newest additions to the East Village food scene is The Black Ant, an innovative and contemporary Mexican restaurant.  Indeed, the Black Ant should be a destination for New York foodies because both the food and cocktails are fantastic.

To ensure heightened wine sales now and for years to come, it would be wise for hospitality professionals to create sales-building programs that cater to these extremely stable—and thirsty— consumers.

It’s hot and dry out here in Calif., and refreshing wines are a welcome relief. Here’s a wrap up of summer wines which have cooled down the heat and energized many meals listed by recent geography traveled rather than white to red.

Whisky flows like poetry in The Glenlivet.

All restaurateurs would agree that controlling food costs is a primary constituent of any winning operating formula. Culinary schools cover the subject in detail, and self-taught chef/owners develop a working system or quickly go out of business. At Toulouse and Portofino, my restaurants in Atlanta, we’ve developed a method of costing out each menu item plate we serve.

Eastern European country has compelling history,very good wines.

It's a spirits trade show. It's an educational conference. It's one helluva party celebrating New Orleans and cocktail culture. There's no easy tag for Tales of the Cocktail held every July in the steamy Big Easy.



Jean-Claude Mas and his wines reflect the spirit of Languedoc.

Kyle Branche

 et al.

Each night you brace yourself for that moment of the evening when the pace of activity behind the bar shifts from a comfortable cruise-control to pedal-to-the- metal overdrive. In anticipation, you’ve prepped during the shift’s quiet time so you can deliver your best-selling cocktail with ease. But what quality of drink will you be serving?

Green harvest, now taking place in many vineyards, can have its own culinary product.

150 years of survival for any American institution is reason for celebration. At Yosemite National Park, a new cocktail, the Sesquicentini, marks the occasion at the Ahwahnee Hotel renowned for food and drink.

Upon entering Spyglass, the new David Burke Group rooftop bar atop the Archer Hotel, the spectacular view of the Empire State Building takes your breath away.

For the well-known Craggy Range director and co-owner, these are a few of his favorite things.

I first heard about the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen fifteen years ago. Santé, my father’s magazine, has been attending since 1996 and for over a decade I have been catching bits and pieces of stories. From epic pork roasts, to ice sculpture pool parties, to tents containing hundreds of exhibitors pouring over a thousand different wines and dishing up samples of Alaskan seafood and Maui Jims, I have been fantasizing about Aspen.

Geographically, Latin cuisine covers an enormous stretch of the globe. But philosophically, it can be reduced to one simple idea: flavor definition. At least that is what Guillermo Pernot, chef-owner of Cuba Libre restaurants believes and strives to achieve. When it comes to Latin food, he claims, “Cooks tend to overdo, rather than allowing the essence of foods to peek through . . .