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“Even . . . sommeliers need to taste and study these wines, to know the producers, who is traditional and who is not.”

Visiting a wine store is an incredibly economical use of your time to gain information that gives you a competitive advantage.

The region’s wines are the antithesis of what most people believe Aussie wine to be.

The Kingdom of Navarra is producing some noteworthy and delicious wines. 

What are the best pairings with Oregon Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris?

Lip-smacking flavors of ripe blackberries and boysenberries give it enough sex appeal to seduce even the snobbiest of wine snobs.

Good wine service techniques are universal, whether the restaurant’s style is formal white table cloth or casual bistro.

Rioja wines have been synonymous with unchanging tradition. These striking architectural symbols proclaim that style—and change—have arrived in Rioja. 

Australian wine country doesn’t begin and end in Barossa or even in the surrounding state of South Australia.

Are you screw-happy or screw-crappy?

The Peloponnese, the “hand” of Greece, almost cut off from the rest of the Balkan Peninsula by the Corinthian Gulf, has “fingers” that plunge deep into the Mediterranean. 

Few restaurants train beyond vague pairing platitudes such as “white with seafood, red with meat” and generally provide pairings to memorize. Teaching how wine and food 

For a restaurant the ideal relationship with a winery is as a “partner” rather than just a supplier—someone who provides the goods and services with an understanding of our needs, our concept, and our ambitions. Here is some a

Desserts are always appreciated. Sweet wines? Not so much. Food and wine pairings at the end of the meal too often get neglected. This is unfortunate, because the right pairing can intensify the flavors of the dessert and the wine, thus creatin

Putting together a wine dinner on a shoestring is not too hard, if you choose well.  There are plenty of solid, food friendly wines available at fair prices. Match that with a local resaurant with no "celebrity" chef, and you hav

In a rapidly evolving and expanding wine world, even a certified wine wonk should be excused for being oblivious to a heretofore humble wine region or even to new wines emerging from classic European vineyards. Take, for example, Douro table wi

Over the course of my travels, I chat with restaurateurs and hear the latest hot industry topics. Recently, much of the talk has been about screw caps and how to deal with them. Part 1 addresses the presentation of screw-capped wines on the lis

New Zealand’s South Island is as close as the Southern Hemisphere gets to Burgundy, the Loire, Champagne, Alsace, and Germany. Alternatively, think all of California’s Coastal Regions, Oregon, and eastern Washington crammed into one

America’s West Coast is blessed with a number of prime areas for Cabernet Sauvignon, from Washington’s Red Mountain to some special hilltop vineyards in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. But an appellation that has garnered a

If learning about premium winemaking in extraordinary facilities sounds like the career- and life-enriching experience you’ve been looking for, consider the Napa Valley Intensive.

We all know that the image of a restaurant with patrons enjoying the open bottles of wine on their table sends a message that you are at a wine destination. 

Whether making Champagne, first-growth Bordeaux or California Meritage, the challenge of blending from the various cuvees is the highest of the winemaker's cellar arts.  None does in better - or has more on the line - than Natasha Brid

From producer to drinker, one of the most valued virtues in winema