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Articles in "Wine"

Sometimes the best wine moments occur close to home. Especially when you celebrate heritage Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon clones. In my local wine 'hood of Livermore Valley, Concannon and Wente honor their clones and their passion for food pairings in grand style.

St. Regis Atlanta's Jennifer Sollinger Shares her Favorite Bordeaux-style Blend with Sante. 

Tim Sullivan brought a second tour of premium sake to New York, but, I think the biggest draw this year for the very large, standing room only crowd was the chance to learn about and taste genuine Wagyu.

Sommeliers Liz Vilardi and Orla Murphy-LaScola share some satisfyingly delicious Sauvignon Blancs.

On April 1, 2013, iconic Napa Valley winemaker Mike Grgich celebrated his 90th birthday.

I had the pleasure of attending a demanding but highly informative tasting at the 3 West Club, NYC on October 1, 2013 covering a large number of Argentine wines, with



The village’s East End Wine Row provides an opportunity for visitors to sip award-winning wines at its six boutique tasting rooms.

Les Marchands is the sort of library that wine geeks dream about.

The latest installment of Santé's ongoing South African exploration.

On July 19th, members of the Santa Maria Valley Wine Country Association paid tribute to Clendenen in a heart-felt evening at Bien Nacido Vineyards, as part of the Chardonnay Symposium.

The second of Santé's continuing series on South Africa's wine revolution. 

In the first of a series of stories on the growing South African wine culture, we experience Vindaba and Cape Wine’s ‘beyond the bottle’ approach to wine tourism and buyers scouting.

While on dining assignments, I often challenge beverage pairings. Like a pearl imbeds in an oyster, sometimes these suggestions stick to the menu. Just in time for America’s Cup racing in San Francisco, I decided to make waves at Waterbar.

Who holds the key to understanding food and wine pairing—women or men? Ask Deborah Brenner, and she’ll point to women. The founder of “Women of the Vine" wine and events simplifies wine and food pairing.

A look inside the metal roll up doors and angular concrete architecture of Lompoc’s Sobhani Business Park reveals an unexpected treasure.

Santa Barbara County winemaker Deborah Hall followed a series of cryptic historical clues--quill-scrawled letters, a frayed 18th century tome, and a modern-day DNA sample--to find treasure in the Sta. Rita Hills.

Defining a trophy wine is no laughing matter.

Wine auctions afford a glance beyond the glossy ads and fancy labels to dig into what makes great wine. At the Première Napa Auction you can comparatively taste while watching major players battle over the barrels.

Forget harvest for Napa Valley excitement. To uncover who and what makes the place tick, consider the trade event called Première Napa.

Sommeliers show off their hand-picked, iPad-based wine lists. Servers jockey to increase the beverage tab. Who cares what the diner really wants to drink?

High in the Vaca Range along the eastern border of Napa County sits one of the most remarkable vineyards in all of California. And yet, as unique and special as this place is, the odds are you’ve never heard of it or the AVA it calls home.

"I wanted to create wines that evoke the simple things in life, done well and with love.”

“The most important lesson I learned when I passed the Master of Wine exam is that wine can never truly be mastered.”