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Vinho Verde is both a DOC of Portugal and a  wine type, ideal for the coming months. Find out why.

It is no secret that business is bubbling for Italy’s Prosecco producers. Total Prosecco sales here in the U.S. now easily surpass Champagne sales and are still growing at a 25% clip.  With a friendly, fruit-forward profile, lower alcohol content and moderate price tag, more and more customers are choosing to forego traditional Champagne and order Prosecco instead. It seems that Prosecco has carved out its own niche, a bubbly with a more informal, sprezzatura image, bucking the conventional notion of formality, celebration and splurge. In fact, along with a smaller, but undeniable Cava resurgence, Proseccos have boosted sparkling wine consumption in the U.S. by nearly 50% in less than a decade.

Here is a case where a small producer really does make wine that deserves notice. From Macedonia, four wines of excellent quality, and reasonable price.

Too many wine buyers approach the buying process without a concrete plan in place. Buying decisions are often made on a whim, driven by supplier, score, or perhaps sommelier ego. To make the buying process more objective, I created a concept that I call “list mapping.”

To ensure heightened wine sales now and for years to come, it would be wise for hospitality professionals to create sales-building programs that cater to these extremely stable—and thirsty— consumers.

Livio Felluga's Terre Alte old vintages make the case for aged table wines.

Monterey. The name evokes so many vivid Californian and American images . . . John Steinbeck and Cannery Row, a beautiful bay teeming with deep-sea fish and mammals, abalones, seaside golf, a picturesque Carmel artists’ colony, a rugged coastline of surf-torn rocks and steep mountains . . . and wine. Yes, Monterey County’s wines deserve acclaim on the order of every other magnificent Monterey attraction.

Newton Vineyard an intriguing blend of traditional and modern winemaking.

Crus Bourgeois du Medoc have something for everyone.

Lunching on Col Solare and Stag's Leap wines leads to many paths of contemplation.

Just what are those point scores we see in advertising supposed to mean?

Over the past 25 years, ex-architect Elena Walch has crafted a world-class winery in Alto Adige.

National Women’s History month during March led me to consider the women winemakers, vineyardists and vintners I’ve met over the past year. Some are newer to the trade while others have a longer perspective on how far women have journeyed in the profession.

Of Spain’s trio of celebrated red wine regions, La Rioja has a long international reputation for excellence. Priorat, which burst on the wine scene two decades ago, remains aglow with praise for its distinctive high-octane, mineral-laden wines. Ribera del Duero, like Priorat, is short on fine-wine history, but it doesn’t generate the same gush of print and online media attention. Smart American restaurant buyers, however, seek out and list Ribera wines.

Food-friendly wines from Ribera del Duero offer broad ranges of styles and prices that most american restaurants can embrace, from value-priced, fruity, quaffable Joven/Roble bottlings to complex and age worthy Riservas and Gran Reservas.

Mondavi family winemaking without the drama.

When it comes to evaluating the wine scene, Moueix marks the spots.

                                       Do “mevushal” kosher wines taste differently?

Michael Mina's head sommelier, Josiah Baldivino shares two "Wow factor" reds.

Austrian-led movement sees a less-dogmatic approach to biodynamics.

Some wines by naturally evoke the spirit of St. Valentine. The sensual elements of a bottle—the taste, look and feel—are remembered long after love hits. Here’s my wish-list for wines to pair with dinner on the Super Bowl of Romance.

Table 301's Beverage Director, Aimee Mahar tells us why Richard Betts' Saint Glinglin is approachable, sophisticated, and delicious.

Chicago's Angela Aspito of the Signature Room on the 95th shares her picks with Santé.