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No doubt, stress is not going to go away in this business. Instead, find means to reduce it without losing sight of your work ethic and drive to succeed.

The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to create value, profitability, and build a loyal customer base.

Follow these five steps to help prevent foodborne illness.

Contrary to popular belief, opening a restaurant in a down economy isn't necessarily a bad move. 

Composing a 1st rate press release is easier than you think!

Does simply changing the menu labels from generic, straightforward names to descriptive names impact sales or make a customer actually believe the food tastes better?

Remember, no matter how good the food, it must reach the table expeditiously and as it was conceived.

This article will provide the basic steps to address and minimize violence in your workplace

Looking good and feeling comfortable has never been so easy.

Stay abreast of trends, capitalize on fads, and even pull a stunt of your own once in a while.

Learn how to minimize the risk of chemical exposure in the kitchen. 

Here’s a plan that will help lessen the unpleasantness of the termination process.

Stress is not going to go away in this business. Luckily there are methods to promote healthy levels of stress in the kitchen.

Seven crucial steps to protect your employees from knife lacerations.

A stage (kitchen internship) can be set up in a restaurant two blocks away or in a European kitchen. It can be as short as a one-day trial, or the stagecan run part-time for up to a year. 

Learn how to reduce conjestion while improving productivity and safety

Restaurants face two new and unavoidable challenges: rising utility costs and the “greening” of food service. 

While restaurant owners are intimately familiar with their restaurant’s ambience, they seldom ask, “What is my business worth?” Many seek an answer only when required by their attorney or accountant in connection with a divorc

Not long ago, an article by Tyler Cowen in the New York Timesdiscussed how the Michelin star ratings of Parisian restaurants appeared to be dir

Ah, success! After all the work, you’ve finally made it. You're off to New York for a few days to cook at the Beard House, then back home to orchestrate a charity dinner for 300, then on to an event in L

Like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, many servers feel they don’t get much respect. Not surprisingly, the Internet is filled with their scathing blogs as well as various forums where wai

Sure, it’s easy to overlook some tip income, ignore a portion of the operation’s receipts, or pad a few of the restaurant’s expense payments.  Fudging---not to mention blatant cheating---is becoming more widespread every

I’m no Harvard business grad, but in just ten years I have built a small special-event business from my own kitchen into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. The gradient has been steep, at times challenging, but I have certainly learned a t

 Santé’s readers have likely mastered the tricky words. But what about your front-of-house staff?