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Articles in "Food"

Last year, Chef Vlach’s Grand Cru® Gruyere Ravioli with Swiss Chard, Apple and Sweet Potato Sauce took top honors in the Grand Cru® Recipe Contest.

Your Roth Cheese Grand Cru® Gruyere recipe could be your ticket to a culinary vacation package valued at $10,000 and you (and your winning recipe) could get a two-page spread in Santé magazine.

Consumers, chefs, retailers, fish farmers, and fishermen are responding to the urgent need to make changes in favor of ocean conservation.

Chef John Besh’s dedication to locally sourced foods shines through in his signature dish, Gnocchi Black and Blue.

The Certified Angus Beef® program was established to provide a guarantee of quality and consistency to restaurateurs and retailers who prepare and serve Angus beef, and to the consumers who enjoy it.

Rainier Cherries are regarded for their crisp bite and pale yellow flesh bursting with exceptional sweetness. A premium niche variety that ripens after most other cherries.

"Our nation's food industry cannot afford to lose the world's largest sockeye supply to a hard metal mine of unimaginable size and scale. We need to protect our last sustainable seafood sources while we still can."

It’s not surprising that 75 percent of white tablecloth restaurants feature some kind of lamb on the menu.

“We will never reach our goal, because we’re always trying to improve. We’re always asking ourselves, how are we going to make today better than yesterday?” – Marco Valverde

I would like to re-experience Dans le Noir? not as a first-timer, which is a little like going to Paris for the first time, but like someone returning to take in the depth of the experience.


In Chef Tony Maws’ kitchen, spring arrives each year with pungency, borne on the ripe scent of wild ramps.

Vendors are the best source of information about area restaurants. It’s much better for you to be gossiped to than about.

“I don’t talk about pairing wine and food. . . . I speak about balancing instead.”-Chef Sarah Scott

Unpredictable. Alive. Magical. This is how Joshua Needleman describes the temperament of fine chocolate.

Diners will appreciate the sparkle this adds to a meal, as well as the memorable taste of a well-crafted pair—all of which will help with repeat business and future cheese sales.

“Anytime we can work out a better way of doing something, it translates to the guest. This is our motivation…to be people pleasers. That’s the whole essence of what we do.”

"A woman is like an artichoke, you must work hard to get to her heart." - Inspector Jacques Clouseau in The Pink Panther

Sex in a pebbly green skin

Success created on a shoestring budget and the dubious dream of serving French Provençal-influenced southern food in a Dixie steel town.

 A high-end kitchen demands concentration, and we strive for perfection in every detail.

The fact that we do our own cold smoking gives [our food] an artisanal quality. And the advantage of doing all my own smoking is that I have total control over flavor, save money, and can offer a product unique to my restaurant.”

At once beguilingly sweet and juicy, with a kiss of tartness, cherries are seduction on a stem. 

It’s no wonder the French named this fruit pomme d’amour—the “love apple.”

Americans eat more than a billion pounds of shrimp a year, or about four pounds each, which is nearly double what they consumed 20 years ago.